About Ryan LaRue

Ryan LaRue Instructor Bio KU Boot Camps

At an age when his thoughts should have been only of Transformers, Stretch Armstrong, and Pac-Man, Ryan made a decision: When he was older he would have a career that he loved to do every day. That passion drove him through his college years where he searched for that elusive career and, in the process, may have set a record for ‘number of times changing majors’.

Shortly after college, Ryan fell into an internship at a small web dev shop in downtown KC – and he was hooked – he had found what he was looking for his entire life.

Professionally, Ryan has trained groups of developers knowledgeable in older technologies, upgrading their skills to modern, full-stack development. He currently works for one of the best consulting firms in Kansas City (Keyhole Software) and, as always, works in every layer of development, front to back.

Most of all, Ryan is passionate about providing others the same opportunity he was given.